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Erectile Dysfunction 2010年6月26日


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basic characteristics and rules of admission
Apcalis-sx Oral Jelly is a modern and safe potency regulator. But before the reception, we still strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor and read the complete instructions for the drug.

Apcalis-sx Oral Jelly contains a standard dosage of tadalafil of 20 A�mg.

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Adaplis reception is shown to men with erectile dysfunction who at the time of applying the drug has already turned 18 years old. The drug is taken regardless of the use of food, 20 minutes before sexual intercourse. The drug is bred in a glass of water or any nonalcoholic beverage (except for grapefruitA�juice).

The drug is contraindicated in cases of allergic reactions to the tadalafil or with its intolerance, in the presence of serious pathology of the cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys, prachism, deformities of the penis, myeloma and hereditary retinitis pigmentosa.

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Apcalis-sx Oral Jelly, due to its tadalafil content, can enter into drug interactions with organic nitrates, nicorandil and alpha-1 receptor blockers to buy npxl adrenaline, causing a significant and life-threatening drop in blood pressure.

The interaction of A�tadalafil with ketoconazole, intraconazole, erythromycin and HIV protease inhibitors can lead to an overdose of tadalafil.

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